What Are The Best Universities In The World?

Harvard and Yale are often referred to as“the best of the best”. But when it comes to the highest ranked universities,these and other Ivy League schools don’t even make it into the top five. So what are the world’s best universities? Well, according to an index by the Times HigherEducation, Stanford ranks 3rd in the world. Most people associate Stanford with tech-capitalSilicon Valley, which is where the school is located.

And in fact, it’s largely because of Stanfordthat the region is now the global capital of entrepreneurship and technology. In the 1940’s and 50’s the universityheavily encouraged students and faculty to start their own companies, eventually leadingto companies like Google and Snapchat. And still today, the school is known to producesome of the most successful entrepreneurs. A Stanford degree is in extremely high demand,and the school maintains the lowest acceptance rate in the country, admitting less than 5percent of applicants.

Much of Stanford’s credibility and desirabilitycomes from its impressive list of alumni, which includes Chelsea Clinton, Yahoo CEOMarissa Mayer and John F Kennedy. Even better than Stanford is the CaliforniaInstitute of Technology. Also known as Caltech, the university is predominantlyfocused on engineering, technology and applied sciences. In the 1930’s the university founded NASA’sJet Propulsion Laboratory, which builds space robots and conducts astronomy missions.

Caltech continues to manage JPL, and the twohave worked together on dozens of space missions. The school’s faculty and alumni include34 Nobel Laureates, and according to a 2015 study, more Caltech graduates go on to earnPhDs than any other alma mater. But the best university in the world is locatedoutside the United States. Oxford University in the UK is regularly rankedfirst.  Compared to Caltech and Stanford, Oxfordis enormous, with 44 colleges and more than 100 libraries.

It’s also one of the oldest universities,with historians tracing instruction as far back as the 11th century. Oxford’s ascension to the top comes in partfrom its exceptionally high research income. Between 2014 and 2015, charities, individualsand businesses funnelled nearly $680 million dollars into the university for research. Oxford is also home to the largest universitypress and one of the oldest and most prestigious scholarships, The Rhodes Scholarship.

While there are many lists ranking collegesaround the world, most tend to rank these three schools near the top. And although most of the top schools are inthe west, a number of schools in China are quickly making their way up the list. Over the last two decades, China has investedmore than $30 billion dollars in its best universities. And it seems to be working. The number of Chinese Universities in thetop 200 doubled in 2016, with Beijing’s Peking University ranking highest, althoughstill only in 42nd place worldwide.

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