Top 7 Project Management Software for 2021

today’s feature we’ll   be diving into the top seven all-round project management applications we will be outlining   some of the ones that work in a lot of use cases these aren’t going to be specialist applications   so they’ll have some of the general features you’d expect in a project management application we plan   to do some specialist features in the coming videos so hopefully you share what sort of specific features matter to you so if you’re new here please do subscribe it’d be great to have you we do plenty of features like this so please do hit the subscription button so number one   we have click up now this is an application

that has been around for a little bit of time now but   has grown pretty rapidly adding features at a fairly rapid rate as well allowing you to do   a range of different reviews in the application now what’s nice as well is it does have a free   plan so you’re not committed to a trial so you can start the solo plan or the for example the   free plan and pretty much get started with stuff you get unlimited tasks and projects but

then when   you want to sort of go a bit further in terms of your storage limits the change of views then   you can upgrade there but this application is a great all-rounder and they also take note of what   features need to improve when you submit them in the community so in terms of all-round abilities   it does a great job especially in the viewing options you’ve got gantt you’ve got chart you’ve   got box and a arrange more now

number two is chances are you’ve probably heard of   it because of an advert popping up they are very aggressive on the old adverts but they do make a   very good all-round application now provides you with a range of views and what i   like about it as well is it’s very customizable in terms of how you can set things up they’ve   also got a range of templates so if you were for example to quickly move from another application   like excel or you were doing in a sort of more old school application and you wanted to move   something more modern as a team this application has templates to get you started and going on that   from marketing to sales which is pretty good so that’s something that does do well in   so

number three is rike and this is an application that does get a credit but it’s sort of like a bit   of a hidden gem of the all-rounders it is an application that does pretty much everything   well it’s much more tailored towards marketers and those in sales i’m not sure why but i think   it might be to do with the document abilities in the application and it’s got a general sort of   design that seems to be pretty popular with just everyone for example applications like monday or   even base camp might be specifically popular to different areas or industries but naturally rike   has probably the most all-round design out of all of them they also have a range of apps and   integrations much like click up and but they allow you to connect with applications   like adobe creative cloud github and jira and many more now

number four on the list is asana now this   has been around for a long time and it actually was created by one of the facebook founders   and it definitely has a good insight how where the world of work works so asana allows you to   create these lovely boards and also in the pro account allows you to create these timelines   and it is a great little hub for you and your team to work on stuff for commenting to be able   to share and insert stuff through email it’s got a range of abilities and you can connect   with plenty of applications most recently you can connect with zoom to share your workspace   with your team members in real time that works with the new zoom zaps feature so asana is pretty   much a staple of the market and it’s definitely a great all-round application so

number five is base   camp this is a great application if you’re in the creative industry or designer or you want to work   more asynchronously this means that you don’t necessarily want to work in real time you might   have a lot of people in different time zones that need to be communicated or kept updated regularly   but asynchronously instead of in real time now basecamp has some great features like for example   messages board and also the ability to plan and schedule ahead with different people’s calendars   you can also plan projects and invite clients to different areas to help you to keep organized on   information logos files and documents and it was also designed by a team that keeps mindfulness at   the heart of their product

number six and this is actually a little bit of tricky one to be   to share because i actually think notion is now such a great project management tool especially   for those who are looking for a wiki as well and for example you can get wiki tools inside of click   up where you can use docs however notion has that as their sort of primary feature   but it also has a ton of databases it allows you to keep everything organized through managing   them in different views like board gallery table and timeline now and there’s loads more as well   but this is a very impressive application if you’re looking for things to be static but also   things to be in motion like with your application so i definitely recommend checking out notion as a   project manager these days

number seven is trello now obviously we know trello is the great board   application it’s been around for a while despite being purchased by atlassian a few years ago but   atlassian has actually pushed to make it a lot better they’ve pulled more features out of it   than ever but trello has some really beautiful features more importantly it’s adding views   in the future so you won’t be stuck with just a board’s view and also they’re working and putting   a lot of time and attention into something called butler automations which allows you to connect to   other services but also most importantly automate specific actions inside of your trello account   so once you and your team enter the page if you’ve got butler automation set up you can   make these custom actions roll so for example you can nudge certain people when certain things   are done automatically or you can do certain actions where you move cards to different places   and so much more it’s a great experience for that as you can imagine there’s tons of them on the   market so we’ll be covering more specific ones in the near future but it’d be great to have you   here in the community so please do make sure you subscribe anyway folks hope you enjoy and find one   let me know what you go with in the comments below and i’ll talk to you all very soon cheerio you

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