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i’m going to be talking about mattresses as part of the home series where i focus on a   particular room in the house and zone in on a core soft furnishing or furniture item and then   i recommend some of the best brands for that item i’m focused on mattresses as i mentioned and i   have three phenomenal brands one is entry level 2 luxury but it’s very much a luxury brand it’s just my way of differentiating and then the top two are very much top end of the market and the focus is   very much on your taste your budget and the feel what works best for you but regardless   of which three of the brands you go for all three are phenomenal phenomenal in terms of the quality   and the craftsmanship i’m Anesu Sagonda and i produce educational luxury content for anyone   after the finer things so whether you’re someone who is young and starting out in life and wanting   to reap the benefits of buying quality from the get-go or you’re into luxury but you want   to focus more on the brands that operate under the radar and packing a mighty quality punch or you’re   new to money and wanting to learn how to navigate the terrain then my content is geared towards you   there are two variables you need to be aware of when choosing a mattress the first and the most   important is that the mattress needs to offer you support first and foremost and then comfort   is secondary after you’ve achieved support when i say support i mean the way in which the mattress cocoons around your body powered cocoons is very much determined by your level   of weight the heavier you are the firmer the tension of the mattress needs to be in order   to support your heavy weight i’m somebody who’s relatively light in weight for example i’m under   70 kilograms so i would therefore need a mattress that’s extra soft or soft in tension because i’m   light in weight i need less support than somebody who’s double or triple my weight what happens with   anyone when they lie on a mattress is you lie down whether it’s on your back or on your side   if you’re sleeping on a mattress with the right level of tension the right level of support the   right level of firmness for your weight your hips slightly sink in and then what happens is   the mattress cocoons under your your knees slightly elevates your feet so great for   circulation comes down under your hips and then round under the small of your back and then under   your your back or your shoulders depending on whether you’re sleeping on your back   or on your side if you have the right level of tension what happens is your back and your hips   sink in enough so that when you’re when the mattress cocoons round your back there’s a   straight line your spine is in a straight line and therefore you’ve achieved proper alignment   the perfect uh amount of support for your body weight has been achieved once you’ve achieved   the right level of support then you consider the comfort of the mattress the other thing   to consider is the filling of the mattress you have two options you have your natural fillings   and you also have your man-made fillings on the natural side you have items such as cotton wool   horsetail hair mohair cashmere silk for example and then on the man-made side it’s typically your   foam mattresses the two are very different day literally day and night the natural fillings   are what are used by the brands at the top end in particular the three i’m going to be recommending   and that is because they have a distinct advantage the natural products are able to regulate your   body temperature and they’re able to wick away at moisture from your body when we sleep we perspire   and the natural products are able to wick away at that moisture whereas with your foam mattresses   what you’ll find it’s man-made products so they’re not breathable and what typically happens as i’ve   mentioned before i’m a hot sleeper when i sleep on foam mattresses sometimes i overheat my body   overheats my temperature is not regulated and the the man-made fibers are not able to wick   away at the moisture and i typically wake up most times um having perspired quite a bit considerably   during the night but for the sake of fairness there are quite a few people who love foam   mattresses you either love them or hate them they’re like marmite and i’m going to talk about   a british brand that pretty much dominates the space they produce foam mattresses and then i will   talk about them before then moving on to the three brands at the top end of the market apologies   there’s a lot of information going through my mind when i’m recording but temper is actually an   american brand Tempur has four ranges you have the soft tension um called the cloud mattress system   then the medium tension original mattress system and then you have the temper hybrid which is a   mixture of foam and also um springs medium tension and then firm tension you have the   sensation uh mattress system all four ranges come in three depths you have 21 centimetres supreme   elite 25 centimetres and lux 30 centimetres the deeper it is the more luxurious it is   and you get the most support you get what you’re ultimately buying into when you buy a foam   mattress is its memory ability it remembers the shape that was formed that was molded   when you’re lying on the mattress you get up the mattress fills up but when you get back on it   remolds into the original shape great mattress if you’re somebody who likes a soft to medium tension   and you’re particularly a side sleeper it’s also very good because you don’t get any motion if you’re sleeping with somebody else on that bed because there aren’t any springs it’s just   foam you don’t feel any anyone else’s movement there’s no bounce with the exception of the   temper hybrid which has springs but the the bounce the movement is minimal it’s very subtle   and it’s an expensive product it’s at the top end of the market when it comes to foam mattresses   there’s a wide array of different sizes and then you have the different tensions and depths   prices are typically from about a thousand pounds through to about two   and a half thousand pounds depending of course on the size of the bed but what you’re buying   is a mattress at the top end of the foam market incredibly luxurious a quality well-made product   you feel enveloped within the mattress it comes with the 10-year guarantee and one of   the other advantages is you don’t have to turn the mattress over like you do with the natural filled   ingredients and it also has a removable cover which you can take off from time to time and   wash but it’s a quality product when it comes to foam it’s literally as good as it’s going to get   i really like the top end of the market when it comes to your mattresses because   all three brands that dominate that space are very different in terms of the look and feel so   they bring a lot of variety to the market the entry brand is a British brand called Vispring   founded in 1901 and Vispring are the brand that introduced interior mattress springs to   the industry they’re also the brand that were on the Titanic all the beds on the Titanic   were from Vispring when it sunk so they have that bit of history associated with the brand but   vice spring is very traditional in terms of the look and feels the type of brand i would expect to see at my mother’s house and older aunty my grandmother is very traditional in terms of   the look the feel the styles they are more mass focused they have about 15 different ranges   and they’re very similar to a German brand i’ll talk about in the kitchen appliance   video called Miele and Miele is geared towards the top end of the market the more mass market   and that they produce something for everyone if you want the best then you save and they have something for every budget Vispring exactly the same and how they work they’re very similar to the other two brands at the top end of the market they all are providing bases with their mattresses and their sprung bases Vispring are called the divan set so it’s the sprung base and it comes with a mattress that has the topper attached to it as one unit whereas the brands the two brands at the top end of the market they have a sprung base and then they have a mattress with pocket springs   and then they have a topper and then an optional headboard whereas vice spring have combined   the mattress and the topper into one and then they have the device set so the the base which   has springs in it and why they’ve done that is if you have the mattress with the pocket springs you   have the sprung base you’re able to distribute the weight across the mattress and also the base and   therefore the mattress is going to last longer whereas when you have a slatted frame all the   pressure or the weight from whoever’s using the bed goes onto the mattress and it isn’t   distributed between the base and the mattress and therefore it doesn’t last as long and that’s what all three brands have at the top end of the market Vispring as i said a very traditional brand in terms of the look and the feel their focus is the entry level range is a single row of springs they put a lot of emphasis on the number of springs in their mattresses and as you go up the the levels you will find the more springs that they list and also the more products so there’s more padding it’s a more sumptuous more luxurious a lot more comfortable in terms of the look and feel of the   mattress entry level is the one row of springs and then as you go up the ranges it increases to two   rows of springs it becomes a lot more sumptuous they increase the ingredients the quality they   go beyond just the cotton wool and horsetail hair which all three brands have but they start adding more sophisticated products such as mohair cashmere and silk which make them the mattress a lot more sumptuous and luxurious and it feels um more of a weightless product but Vispring as i said is very much geared towards your mass market price is a lot more friendly you’re looking at starting prices for entry level at around two and a half three thousand pounds depending entirely on the level the size and also the amount of filling the the range of the mattress but it’s a fantastic   entry-level brand of that is a Swedish brand called Hästens founded in 1852 and Hästens   means horses and their beds contain cotton wool and of course horsetail hair and horsetail hair   is fantastic because it adds natural firmness to mattresses and it’s the key ingredients for all   three brands in terms of the firmness in terms of a robust material which is great at wicking away   moisture with horsetail hair you can wet it bring it out of the water shake it and it’s bone dry so it’s fantastic for wicking away moisture with hastens they have about 10 to 12 ranges their beds are split into two categories you have the frame beds which are very common incredibly popular in Sweden and Scandinavia and it’s essentially the base which is box sprung and the mattress attached as one and then there’s a topper it’s a low maintenance bed and very common as i said and popular in Scandinavia but they also produce continental beds which are available worldwide   and that is what i’m familiar with and see a lot of in the United Kingdom and you also get them   in the United States they also dominate the top end of the market together with my top end brand   and with Hästens entry-level bread is the Maranga and the Maranga you’re looking at starting prices   of about ten thousand pounds for Hästens they have a number of other ranges in between Eala   great as a bed with very soft tension then they have the Herlewing and then above that their most   popular the 2000T which is made up of many layers of horsetail hair of cotton and wool it also has a   very firm box springs in the base made from pine very good quality pine wood in the   in the base and then a lot of pocket springs as well it’s a very soft bed incredibly comfortable   but with mattresses it ultimately boils down to the feel once you’ve sorted out the support   the feel is very personal what each person likes is individual but the 2000T which is a   very popular the most popular bed for Hästens is made up of many layers and it’s a very soft bed   um when i compare it to the top end of the market i’m ah i am now quite a bit as i’m   not sure which one i would ultimately go for but you’re in good hands with the 2000T from Hästens   above that they have their top of the range they have two the Vividus and the Grand Vividus both   are the same in terms of the construction of the mattress again it’s even more layers   of horsetail hair cotton and wool more than the 2000T exact same mattress   for both ranges at the top but the difference is the aesthetic the Grand Vividus has um the a lot more detail the sumptuous leather that’s used the material um the quality the   craftsmanship is phenomenal at the top end of the market and they treat their bases their   beds rather the mattresses with salt so if you were ever in a fire if you stood on the bed you   wouldn’t burn because the salt ensures that it doesn’t catch fire but i don’t know how many   people would stay to actually test that theory but that is one of their unique selling points with   Hästens beds entry level is the Maranga you’re looking at a starting price of ten thousand pounds   and above that the 2000T the most popular is the soft bed is priced at between 35 and 40   000 pounds depending on the specification the size and then the ranges above the top two the Vividus   and the Grand Vividus Vividus is 165 thousand pounds and the top the Grand Vividus with the   luxurious material the detail the finish the leather the aesthetic is on a whole different   level you’re looking at a price of 300 thousand pounds starting price Drake the rapper recently   commissioned seven beds from Hästens so that has significantly raised the profile of Hästens   the top end of the market is dominated by a British brand called Savoir Beds founded in 1905   they are the brand that produced and still produced the beds that are used in the Savoy hotel   it’s a brand that’s steeped in a lot of history the prestige associated with owning the brand   the exquisite craftsmanship the phenomenal quality of the materials used   to make the beds entirely handmade using the finest quality ingredients Savoir Beds   describe themselves as extraordinary beds which they truly are they set the pace the tone they are the very best in the industry when it comes to the best in terms of the craftsmanship   Savoir Beds are head and shoulders ahead of their competitors and then throw in the heritage of the   brand and the prestige associated with owning an extraordinary bed from savoir beds they have four   ranges one two three and four the original is number two it’s referred to as the icon the top   bed their very best is referred to as the one and the entry level number four is known as the new   standard the standard for the industry and number three the one above that is known as the superior   all four beds um start from the original the number two and there are variations of   that but essentially starting from number four working their way up number four has   the cotton the wool and the horse hair pad but number three number two and number one have increasingly more and more and better quality of layers of your cotton your wool and your horsetail hair the construction of the number two bed is the very best   in the industry there isn’t a bed as well made as well constructed as the number two   from Savoir Beds and they trade very much on the craftsmanship the prestige and the heritage   of the brand but the product is phenomenal the best brand the best bed that they have is the   original the number two and when you compare it to the 2000T from Hästens it’s slightly firmer   than the softness of the the 2000T the 2000T is the softer one and then throw into that   the Grand Vividus and the Vividus although they have a lot more layers of product than the 2000T   they are firmer than the the number two from uh Savoir Beds and the number two is in the middle   and then the softest is the 2000T but the beds are phenomenal in terms of the aesthetic they   are literally spectacular works of art comes as a unit they sell them as a unit although you can   take away items but they always recommend buying the box sprung base the mattress   the topper and then the headboard and they come exquisitely designed it’s a fully customised   fully tailored fully personalised product in terms of the style the custom and the comfort and it’s   one craftsman for one customer the craftsman is involved from inception right to completion and   it’s an entirely handmade product using the finest quality ingredients and it’s produced in London   once the craftsman is finished he signs his name on the bed and it’s his his signature his seal of   approval that he has produced the very best bed uh literally in the world which is what it is   either side of the pond Savoir Beds are viewed as the very best you are buying a complete product i   have spoken about the different levels of luxury which i’m going to attach above that video   in the top end where i speak of the bespoke this is personification of that bespoke   level where it’s nothing but the very best from the quality of the customer service the product itself the execution the delivery and of course the performance of the bed if i had the money if i won the lottery my money at this point is confidently on the number two bed from Savoir Beds but the 2000T from Hästens is coming in at a very very close second it’s a very personal thing as i mentioned and it’s entirely up to you and your budget with your savor beds you’re looking at entry price for number four at 15 000 pounds the number two bed you’re looking at a price of about   thirty thousand pounds as i mentioned the two two thousand t is thirty five to forty thousand pounds   and then the top bed from Savoir Beds the number one is priced at just over a hundred and ten   hundred and twenty thousand pounds depending on the specification it’s a very soft very sumptuous product and what you’re buying with the number 10 is it’s weightless all the ingredients that are put in there are the very best the finest quality the deepest pocket springs but you ultimately end up with a bed that’s weightless it’s soft and when you lie on it you literally feel like you’re lying on a cloud i’ve given you three brands at the very top end of the market you have several beds   you have Hästens you have Vispring it’s entirely up to you your taste your budget your style what   you like but you’re spoiled for choice all three are bringing something different to the table   you’ve got the traditional look feel and style of Vispring you have the striking the stunning signature check from Hästens and then you have the most arresting pieces of artwork that are designed   by Savoir Beds a complete bespoke product that’s exemplary at the top end of the market any further   questions you’d like anything in more detail as always let me know in the comments down below do   subscribe so you don’t miss out on future content and i look forward to seeing you again soon

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